Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Sounds at O2 Academy 2, Sheffield

The Sounds formed in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1999. They consist of Maja Ivarsson (vocals) Felix Rodriguez (guitar), Johan Bengtsson (bass), Jesper Anderberg (keyboards) and Fredrik Nillson (drums). Last night (28th March), they found themselves in the confined quarters of O2 Academy 2 in Sheffield.

The night got off to a bad start, doors were put back thirty minutes due to ‘technical issues’ and then once inside it took another hour of waiting before we got the support band. Eventually we got to see the support band, an upbeat and lively band from Sheffield called Orange 38.

They had catchy songs, the vocals of Paddy Orange and Sophie Bramley-West worked well together, and they were genuinely likeable - Something that was very important in front of a crowd waiting for an hour and a half more than scheduled. As the only support act It’s not a long wait till The Sounds take the stage.

The Swedish quintet started out with ‘Living In America’ which got the crowd in a good mood and ready to jump and dance. After a couple of songs, front woman, Maja Ivarsson said we will be treated to some new songs tonight that we will like, because she likes them. The new songs include; ‘4 songs & a fight’, ‘No one sleeps (while I'm awake)’ and ‘Dorchester Hotel.’ All have that similar The Sounds vibe but Maja is right, the audience does like them.

Amongst playing the songs they are best known for like; Queen of Apology and Painted by Numbers, at the mid point of the gig things were slowed down with ‘Night After Night.’ Only Maja and Jesper Anderberg were left on stage, the latter on keyboards. Everyone sings along to this song and there is no better feeling than hearing hundreds of voices unified in having a good time, it’s maybe the highlight of the night.

The night is finished off with ‘Tony the Beat’ a great song to round off the night, and by now most people have let the delayed start slip from their memory. At the end of the gig Maja said they will be back later this year, I would recommend going to see them as it proved a fun and enjoyable night.

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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