Friday, 8 May 2009

Madina Lake at The Corporation, Sheffield

Madina Lake celebrated the release of their new album ‘Attics to Eden’ with a gig at Sheffield’s Corporation on Monday. With Kill Hannah pulling out of the main support slot, the crowd welcomed their replacements The Audition who themselves had a new album released on that day.

Yashin start off the night followed by Flood Of Red, both are good young bands and are well received, Yashin a little more so than Flood Of Red. However, due a long queue and slow entry a lot of people missed one or both of these bands.

The Audition really step up the atmosphere coming on stage and straight into ‘Warm Me Up’, a great song that starts up the mosh pit which continued all night long. The Audition’s songs, even if you don’t know them, are very catchy, great pop/rock hooks and some great Bass playing from Timothy Klepek. The only downside was that Danny Stevens’ vocals were difficult to hear and make out from the rest of the noise.

Madina Lake appear on stage to a huge reception of clapping, cheering and general excitement. Fans had the chance earlier in the day to meet the band at an album signing, which shows how far they have come in such a short time, since forming in 2005.

The atmosphere, as Madina Lake plays through songs such as ‘One Last Kiss’ and ‘Let’s Get Outta Here’ was amazing. Nathan Leone leaping into the audience got everything going as the mosh pit grew in size and energy from one song to another. People who arrived to see what all the fuss over Madina Lake was about may not have liked the music but it doesn’t matter, the feeling of having a great time dragged all in. Three or four large balloons provide another high point, especially when guitarist Mateo Camargo swung his guitar head at one popping it and sending tickertape everywhere.

Recent release ‘Never Take Us Alive’ is a huge high with the whole audience jumping up and down. The night ends with a quick encore of ‘Me Vs. The World’ which the crowd loved. Madina Lake may not musically be to everyone’s tastes, but going to one of their gigs is a great experience that anyone can appreciate.

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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