Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Interview with Shannon Lee, SpiderBaby

SpiderBaby, a four piece from Brighton have weaved their spidery debut album and are preparing for its release in the coming months. The Power Pop/Rock/Electro band released a debut EP last year 'The Death of Spiderbaby' and their fan base has been growing ever since.

We talked to
the bands self proclaimed Singer/Rhythm Guitarist/Songwriter/Keyboard player/Bass player/Dancer/ Clearer upper/Fluffer, Shannon Lee:

With your debut album release just around the corner, how are you feeling?
*touches self..* I feel good! (laughs)
No, I feel, as do the rest of the band, very excited! The material on the new record is the best yet! The production blows 'The Death Of SpiderBaby' away totally!

Tell us about the album. Which songs do you think are your best?
The spec was to make an album that you put on before you go out to the sweatiest indie/electro/rock club! It had to be an album that made you dance with lots of throbbing bass & scuzzy guitars. We've always made a very strange type of dance music but with 'Where The Strange Ones Go' we wanted to take it that step further.

It truly is the best material that I've certainly written. As a band we really sweated blood on this thing! Easy cop out to say that all of the material is awesome (which it is!) but personal faves are 'Scream My Name', 'Scary But So Much Fun' & 'Erotic Nymphos In Love' (that you can hear on our MySpace page) but it changes day to day. There are 11 tracks on the record, so plenty for everybody.

How would you describe SpiderBaby’s sound?
Every listener has a different interpretation. We like that.

Where did the name ‘SpiderBaby’ come from?
It's a cult 1960s B-movie. If you get a chance to watch it, do! Its lots of fun!
We are sometimes asked if we're named after the Father Ted sketch. Hahaha!

Which artists do you look up to and get inspiration from?
Each band member has their own influences which probably has a lot to do with the sound. Start off with Prince, Kiss, NIN, Grace Jones & Serge Gainsbourge & you're headed in the right direction.

It’s been a few years since starting SpiderBaby, are you happy with how things have gone so far?
We started in mid-2006 after having played in various bands. We pretty much self released our debut single 'Lovebuzz!Teenage Odyssey' within a month of being together. We had a different female vocallist & Jonti wasn't in the band. Jonti joined in November 2006 & we played our debut gig a month later, with a UK tour in January 2007. It didn't work out with the original singer, we got another girl who remained with us for 3 months before Ashleigh joined in October 2007.
From when Ashleigh joined to now, things blew right through the roof! You could effectively say that SpiderBaby as you know it, have been together since October 2007.
Am I happy with where we're at? Absolutely! I think the industry has changed so much, record labels are no longer as important as they once were. Any band can release their own material & promote to a very good level. SpiderBaby has a rabid fan base (& no, I don't mean they froth at the mouths, folks!) in that they love SpiderBaby with a passion! Our debut EP physically sold out with little to no mainline advertising & our downloads on iTunes still sell brilliantly every month! Our friends don't care about anybody that doesn't 'get it'... they just hunger for everything & anything SpiderBaby!
Even if SpiderBaby never sell a million records, we are blessed to have such a devoted, loyal SpiderBaby family.

Have you hit any stumbling blocks along the way?
Plenty including drug abuse, alcohol dependency, inter-band relationships, clinical depression & even a run in with religious groups (over our song 'Crucify') but the good times far outweigh the bad!

You very recently made a new music video, how did it go?
It was for the song 'Erotic Nymphos In Love', we filmed it this past weekend. It was a long day but with so many scantily clad pretty people walking around, how could I ever complain?

Lastly, what can people going to see SpiderBaby expect?
You can't promise much in this world, but I PROMISE, you come & see SpiderBaby, you'll get more sex, blood, lust, romance, dancers & melodrama than any other band can deliver!! We will make you sweat!!
Oh, & did I mention the dwarfs..?

Check out SpiderBaby's MySpace at www.myspace.com/spiderbabyband

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound


  1. Thanks for featuring an interview with this amazing band. They certainly are going to take the world by storm when they release their album. It's going to be HOT!

  2. Chelle Stewart9 June 2009 at 17:39

    hi ,I am one of the rabid fans that Shannon mentions ,I really enjoyed reading this interview .SpiderBaby,their music and other fans have been a huge part of my life for almost a year now and they put everything that they have into all that they do .Unlike many other bands,they take the time to actually speak to fans,and they keep us updated and well informed which,for me adds to the excitement and pleasure .I'm really looking forward to the release of their debut album " Where the Strange Ones Go " especially after hearing their first track from it "Erotic Nymphos in Love " it is just amazing!!
    Chelle Stewart (Doncaster)

  3. i love these guys with a passion deep within...oh and did i mention...they are sooo sexy...kisses..Angie.xxxx

  4. hee Spiderbaby are absoloute amazing band :D

    ,..What an awesome great Interview by Shannon!

    I can see these guys after 2009 being very big..

    with their debut album where the strange ones go

    they deserve so much,, and they'll get it


  5. We were at that debut gig, (in fact, it was we who brought the promoter and band together-and knocked up a tasty little poster for their virgin gig into the bargain) and as much as we loved Imp, Ash has a beast of a voice and the spiderlings have outclassed even themselves with some of the polished tracks given birth to recently.
    Obviously the bands drug-fuelled orgies (sorry, I mean- 'drug abuse, alcohol dependency and inter-band relationships') has given them the drive (and perspective) to produce velvet gloved sleaze to this quality.
    Spiderbaby-Sex, Sleaze and Rock and Roll.

  6. I just love this band. their music os good, and they are real sweet. I want to see them one day.

    Megs from USA <3

  7. Hi again ,
    SpiderBaby released their debut album "Where the Strange Ones Go " as a free download yesterday and Shannon was right to say that this is the best material he's ever written ,every track sounds awesome !!
    extremely hard to pick a fave tbh . I'm one of those types of people that enjoys listening to most genres and styles of music from Classical through to Heavy Rock ,and this album really has something for everyone (apart from the elderly can't quite see them grinding to the pure sex track "Naked" would't want to either LOL !)
    but seriously ,I would recommend to everyone that happens to read this to visit SpiderBaby's official website ,download the album,enjoy and send SpiderBaby their honest opinions .Shannon,Ash,Nathan and Jonti are extremely talented ,work so bloody hard and I hope that with the release of this new album it will also bring new and exciting things for them .I wish them health,wealth and success they really do deserve it !!!!
    'Chelle Stewart from Doncaster