Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Papa Roach - Naked And Fearless Acoustic EP

Papa Roach - Naked And Fearless Acoustic EP 8/10
[Interscope Records]

Although only three songs long this is a beautiful acoustic EP from Papa Roach. If you were wondering, the three songs it features are latest single 'Lifeline', 'Had Enough' and 'Carry Me' and all are done very well. The softness of the acoustic guitar, really lets you appreciate Shaddix (Vocals) voice more so than normal and the whole band shine on this trimmed down version of their latest work.

'Lifeline', the single released on the same day as this EP, is a great song with its easy to sing-a-long with chorus and catchy riffs, none of which is lost in the acoustic version. Overall a great show from the California boys of just how talented they are.

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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