Monday, 17 August 2009

Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News

Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News 7/10
[Side One Dummy Records]

Straight off the bat Broadway Calls’ second album comes at you much rawer than most other pop-punk out there today. First track ‘Midnight Hour’ sets the tone for much of the album, no frills just a guitar, a bass, drums and vocals. It’s a very simple format which Broadway Calls use very well, delivering a sound that's all too rare these days.

Originally signed by Billie Joe Armstrong, they have a resemblance to early Green Day, mixed in with some Jawbreaker and Alkaline Trio. “We’ve always written songs that we wanted to hear, and that’s definitely true with Good Views, Bad News” said Ty Vaughn (Guitar/Vocals).

Tonight Is Alive hits as the anthem from the album, a feel good song with front man Vaughn repeating the line ‘I’m singing for all of you.’ The mature sounding ballad of ‘At The End’ concludes the album and shows the variety of songs they can offer.

You can catch Broadway Calls playing a couple of shows in London (25th August) and Manchester (26th August) with The Offspring and also at Leeds/Reading Festival this year.

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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