Monday, 3 August 2009

Interview with Darran Smith, Funeral For A Friend

Just finishing a European tour with Linkin Park, Funeral For A Friend are coming back home to rock the UK. The Welsh quintet have a tour lined up to begin in October and they shall be one of the few rock bands to release a greatest hits album. The album is entitled 'Your History is Mine: 2002-2009' and shall be released on September 28th, along with four brand new tracks. We talked to FFAF guitarist, Darran Smith.

A Greatest Hits album is surely a great sign of a bands achievements, what does it mean to you?

It definitely means a huge amount to us as band, and kind of a landmark in our career but by no means a sign that we're slowing down or finishing're gonna see plenty more from us!

Do you own any greatest hits albums yourself?

I most definitely do own some but Tom Jones 'Greatest hits' is my favourite! haha

How did the idea to release Your History and Mine come about?

Basically our old record company Atlantic approached us about putting out a 'Best of...' album and wanted us to get involved with the plans and idea's connected with it, so we have...personally I’d preferred to have waited another few years!

What is the band up to at the minute? Any album plans?

We have actually written and recorded 4 new songs for the 'Best of..' album..So we have been busy and at this moment in time we're presently on tour in Europe with Linkin Park. But for sure there will be another album next year at some point!

It's been a few months since Gavin joined, how has he fitted in with the band?

He's fitted in perfectly...we'd known him for a long time from our local scene anyway, but he's a great attribute to the band...Great musician and songwriter!

You've had a fair few line-up changes over the years, does it still feel like the same band?
We changed a couple of members after only a few months of the bands formation so we were still working the line up out at that point...Gareth on the other hand was with us for pretty much most of our career & an old friend of mine anyway so he's definitely missed! But we have a strong vision within the band and it still feels the same.

You've got a tour lined up in a few months time, are you looking forward to it?

Yep, it begins in October and we're really looking forward to it...its gonna be like a celebration of our career up until then with a lot of familiar faces in the crowds!

What are the best and worst things about being on tour?

Obviously playing the shows, meeting the fans & getting to see some amazing places around the world is the best part but the boredom & travelling to play that hour and a half on stage isn’t fun and missing our family & friends is hard!

In the past you've played small intimate shows, is this something you like or prefer to the bigger audiences?

I enjoy playing both to be honest...the intimate shows are fun & exciting but bigger ones are also cool, having lots of room on stage & seeing a huge crowd in front of you can be really overwhelming!

What can fans expect from the October tour?
A few surprises as far as song choices...that’s all I’m gonna say! ha But as usual it'll be exciting with plenty of sing-alongs!

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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