Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Joke backfires on Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz pays the price as Gabe Saporta revealed his phone number on the net. The ordeal for Wentz originated with his attempted to get one over on his close friend Gabe Saporta (lead singer of Cobra Starship) at this years VMA's. The Fall Out Boy bassist sported a T-shirt with Saporta's phone number and email address on it. However, MTV didn't allow it and Wentz had to put masking tape over the details.
Wentz was determined to not let this one go and got onto his clothing company Clandestine Industries. Copies of the t-shirt were printed up and put on sale with Saporta's number and email address blurred on screen but not on the actual product.

Saporta quickly got in touch with the clothing site and had the shirt taken off sale. Wentz still wouldnt let it go and went a step further by un-blurring the phone number. However, his plan backfired as Saporta had replaced his number with Wentz's. His voicemail filled up in no time. Saporta, Wentz and the employees at Clandestine are good friends so no malice was involved, it was just a prank that went to the extreme.

Wentz unleashed his frustrations on twitter:

"@gabrielsaporta @billbeckett @jensenclan88 very funny. youre all fired haha i literally cant use my phone."

"i literally cant use any function on my phone. steam is coming out of my ears as i try to make calls."

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