Thursday, 22 April 2010

Interview with Twenty/Twenty

After forming Twenty/Twenty little over a year ago the three piece from Essex have been on the rise ever since. Sam (Vocals/Guitar), Jack (Bass/Vocals) and Sonny (Drums/Vocals) are headlining around the UK and bringing more fans than ever to their shows. Despite the pressures of the first night of a tour, starting in Sheffield, the mood was calm and collected.

When we are introduced the three guys seem in a relaxed mood but with a certain level of excitement just under the surface.

This is the first night of the tour, how have you prepared?
Jack: Well we’ve done a lot of rehearsals and stuff, it’s been quite tight because we’ve been quite busy at the moment.
Sonny with a grin on his face glances over to a stage hand “bit of a stressful sound check but its all good.”
Jack: But yeah lots of practice and its fine.

Why the gap in the middle of the tour?
Jack: Oh the month off, seems more like a year.
Sam: We originally booked it as a 2 week tour, but no matter where we put it, we couldn’t do it without clashes with people being at school. So, we've had to do this half in the Easter holidays and the second half over half-term.

It’s got nothing to do with a couple of birthdays over May?
Sam: Well they have got birthdays but no, it’s got nothing to do with that, it’s based on the fans and on the schools.
Jack: For the age group of our fans, they're doing their GCSE’s soon so we want to fit it around them.

And this show is nearly a year on from your first tour...
Sam & Jack: Yeah about a year.
Sam: Was it the beginning of June?
Jack: Yep June the 6th I think. That was with Saving Aimee.

Have you had any stand out moments since then?
Jack: There’s some shows that we played.
Sam: Tonight’s a bit like that, this is only the third time we've played here, second time we've headlined and I think it’s on the borders of selling out tonight so that was a bit of a moment.
Jack: It’s quite cool. For me the big January tour was a massive step for us in seeing the amount of people at our shows. It’s a good sign of the work paying off.
Sam: Tonight there’s about twice as many people as last time we played here. We’re expecting about 400, so I'm really excited.
Jack: It’ll be bigger so that’s good.
Sonny: It’ll be fun, it'll be a laugh, you know.

Fans of Twenty/Twenty will be in for a treat as Sam told us about the upcoming release of ‘Get down and live with Twenty/Twenty.’ ‘It is a live DVD that was filmed at the end of our last tour at London Islington Academy. It was our biggest London show to date, with about 700 people. There are new songs in there, it’s also just a chance for anyone that hasn’t got to see us live yet. And because it’s on our website it’s really good for all the fans abroad because we've only toured the UK. Whenever we do another tour we think of ways to make it better, or to exceed the last one. I think any band can play live, but it’s harder for bands to do it well. We do our best to make it entertaining and be a bit quirky on stage otherwise it’s just no fun.’

There’s lot of questions about how the name came about but, what other band names did you consider? Any really bad ones?
Jack: Yeah, we have like a whole folders worth of names, ‘cause we spent about two months trying to decide on one. Quite a lot of them we were happy with but we weren’t happy that we would be called it.
Sam: One of the last ones before twenty/twenty, which sounds a bit weird now was ‘Heads and Tales’ just to try and be quirky but that didn’t work.
Jack: What else... ‘New Era’
Sonny: Yeah, that one’s alright.
Sam: But none of them just clicked as well as twenty/twenty. I don’t think our name would be out as much if it wasn’t as memorable.
Sonny: When we first thought of it, we were just going to have it for the time being.
Jack: Yeah it was a temporary name.

So you're not trying to reserve the year 2020 for yourselves...?
All: That's true
Sam: How old will we be then, ten years from now?
Jack: So about 30...
Sam: It'll be a kind of blink thing wont it.

Sonny what's going on with you and Peter Andre? I saw that you tweeted him.
Jack: I saw that.
Sam: I didn’t know you’d tweeted him, what did you say?
Sonny: This is why I tweeted him, it was April 1st and Jack came over to me and went ‘pinch, punch first of the month’. I was like ‘Ha yeah, good one’. Two minutes later I check twitter and Peter Andre said the same thing, and I thought it was well weird. To be honest Peter Andre is a legend...
Sam and Jack crack up.
Sonny: He is though.
Jack: Sonny’s got posters of him in his room.
Sonny: That's a bit far...
Sam: That's where rumors start. The rumors about Sonny and Peter Andre all start from Jack.
Jack: Sonny’s made me like him more than I use to.
They both turn and look at each other before breaking out into laughter.
Sonny: He’s just a cool guy, they just make it a big thing. You wait, I am gonna get them back.
Do they gang up on you?
Sonny: Yeahhh...
Jack laughs.
Sam: No we don’t. You two gang up on me all the time.
Sonny: well... yeah...

Can you tell us any other secrets that people don’t know about you?
Sonny: I can tell you how much I hate these two...
Sam: Me and Jack were involved quite a lot at school with musical theatre, which sounds a bit weird but I think it might have helped us on stage and stuff.
Jack decides to get to the point: Basically we did a lot of drama in school.
Sam: But it’s something I’d like to do again. Whenever we do our video shoots we always have to do acting bits and I'm awful at it but I use to be good when I was younger and I’d like to get back into it. I use to be quite proud of it when I was younger.

Do you have any plans for the future?
Jack: We always have a plan.
Sam: We've got a lot of writing sessions coming up which we hopefully get our album finished. We've done the majority of it but we still need a few songs to finish it off. In the short term we’re doing lots of promotion for our get down live DVD and our single, worlds apart.

Expect to see Twenty/Twenty’s album out soon.

Damon Fowler

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