Thursday, 20 October 2011

Enter Shikari at O2 Academy, Sheffield

Enter Shikari are back touring the UK for the first time in around 2 years. After going to the Sheffield gig of this tour you can take my review from 2 years ago, read it again and double up the awesomeness, that will give you some idea of how good these guyus are live. The point that they have gotten better, slicker and more insane is unbelievable. but, Im getting ahead of myself a little here.

Anyone who has tickets to see the Shikari boys on this tour, you're in for a treat. I can say that knowing it will be true no matter where you are. The support bands Let:Live and Your Demise are really good rock/screamo bands, I admit I dont know their songs but a lot of people got really into it and it warmed everyone in the audience up nicely. However, to the dance/dubstep ES fans these may not be for you.

Anyway, speaking of 'warming up' one of the first things I noticed once the 2000+/- people were crammed in and waiting for the band was just how hot it is! I was sweating before ES even came on stage!

The fourpiece from St Albans come on stage to masses of cheers and screams, launching straight into the first song Destabilise. With 2012 bringing the their third full album the tunes keep coming; Mothership, Zzzonked, Return to Energiser and No Sssweat to name a few. Recent releases Quelle Surprise and Sssnakepit are thrown in alongside songs off the upcoming album such as Arguing With Thermometers.

All made for a frantic, uncontrollable pace that you have to go with as if you're on a themepark ride. The pits appeared pretty vicious but anyone who fell down was helped back up which was good to see.

The music was loud and quite simply brilliant, the banter was funny ("Cool me down Steve!" For anybody who was there) and the show was superb. I cannot recommend going to see Enter Shikari highly enough, Karl Pilkington should add it to his An Idiot Abroad bucket list!

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