Saturday, 14 March 2009

Jeffree Star doesn't play The Marr's Bar

Fans showed up at The Marr's Bar in Worchester on Tuesday (March 10th) expecting to see Myspace made celebrity, Jeffree Star, perform. The owner of the club (Marzy) had only actually sold one ticket but was assured more had been sold online. However, he was quickly informed that Jeffree Star would not be performing tonight to so few people as online ticket sales were just over half of what was thought. Marzy responded to this news from Jeffree’s tour manager by saying “He (Jeffree) is being very unreasonable and extremely unprofessional and should play for the fans that had made the effort even if there were only 2 of them”.

The tour bus had to run its power cable through Marzy’s office, and feeling rather annoyed at the situation he refused to let the bus go. Jeffree was obviously keen to make a get away before any fans showed up, now all he could do was sit and hide behind his busses tinted windows. Outside Marzy explained the situation to the fans that had shown up and encouraged them to go to the tour bus and ‘let him know how they felt’.

Quite quickly, the tour manager showed up again threatening that if the bus was not allowed to leave she would call the police. The police did arrive to see over fifty kids hurling abuse at Jeffree, still in his bus. Fans were allowed free entry to see the support bands who still wanted to play and with the situation explained the police soon left. After awhile Marzy unplugged the busses power cable and let them leave. Following this, the tour manager was sacked, two members of the support band left the tour and Jeffree says his drummer was "fired… he never quit."

When we asked Marzy what his opinion of Jeffree Star is now he said...
“He is an unprofessional talentless sham, a girl fan messaged him on his my space just asking why and saying she thought he was better than that, he replied with "my keyboard player was sick so go f... yourself you heartless bitch" what a lovely comment to a 15 year old former fan!!! Also I stood watching the support band WITH the keyboard player...”

In response to all this Jeffree said...
“My keyboard player Tommy was really sick, with a 100 degree temperature… there was NO way I was going to force someone who was sick in bed to go on stage. If someone can't understand that, they're heartless.” He went on to say, “The rest of the shows have been AMAZING!”

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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