Monday, 16 March 2009

30 Seconds to Mars declare war with upcoming album

30 Seconds to Mars are planning to release their follow up album to 2005 album, A Beautiful Lie, sometime in late April. This will be their third album and it has the working title ‘This is War’ which Jared Leto (vocals) has implied is in response to the $30 million lawsuit pending over them from Virgin Records.

The band, which formed in 1998, seems to have embraced the lack of an overbearing influence that a record company has. Leto said “I think this record is about faith, about spiritual matters, and that just happens to be what we're thinking about and talking about in our lives right now”. Recording has taken place in California and is being produced by Flood who commented, “Jared said he wanted to make ‘a classic album”.

Some possible song titles have been revealed on the bands Twitter page. They include; ‘Night of the Hunter’ and ‘Artifact’ or ‘Blitzkrieg’. The band also talks about the track ‘Kings and Queens’ in an interview. Another possibility is ‘The Believer’, which has been played at some recent live shows after being scrapped from the original album.

Finally, in response to recent comments on Jared’s new, not so clean cut appearance he has said, “I’m growing a moustache and you can’t stop me.”

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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