Monday, 20 April 2009

Interview with Six, Here's To Tragedy

Here's To Tragedy are a young 'guitar driven electronica' band from Nottingham. Only forming in September of last year, they've already come a long way following support slots for My Passion and The Filthy Dukes. They comprise of Six (Vocals), Peppa (Bass) Nïçk (Guitar) and Thomas O (Drums). We talked to frontman, Six.

Where did your name come from?

An elaborate dream in which I ended up having to flee from the government. While doing so, on the top of a huge office type building I randomly see Bruce Willis chillin’ by himself drinking Champagne. I run over to him, all out of breath to ask for a glass and try to explain the situation and he stops me "I know, I know." He pours me a glass "Let’s make a toast my friend, 'Here's To Tragedy'!"

How did you get together to form Here’s To Tragedy?

Me and Peppa began writing potential tunes in February last year and kept doing so until September '08 when we got a live band together. Our original idea was to do some unique acoustic covers of our favourite bands with a few of our own songs thrown in at open mic nights. We lost interest in this when I found out I was pretty sick at writing electronic music and before we knew it, our acoustic tracks were sped up tenfold and we was on to something seriously different.

As a young band you must have seen bands breaking through and becoming successful, does this inspire you?

Only being together the short amount of time that we have, we've not exactly seen anyone "break through" but I’d definitely say certain acts are on the brink of doing so which really excites me. There’s an exciting feeling in the air right now that anything could happen, and I like to think we could be one of the reasons for that.

How would you describe the sound of Here’s To Tragedy to someone who has never heard you before?

Glammed-Up, Guitar Driven Electronica with huge hooks and old school Rock ‘n’ Roll attitudes

Who are your musical inspirations?

We grew up listening to everything from Depeche Mode to Blink 182, Savage Garden to Morrissey. This I would say is a definitive factor that has helped shape our sound.

Which band that you’ve been on tour with has been your favourite to hang out with?

We had a fantastic night with The Filthy Dukes last month, those boys really know how to party, and fittingly so do we. We were knocking back the cocktails and wine like it was goin’ outta fashion!

And which was the best to see?

My Passion for sure, Lawrence is truly a great frontman.

Do you have a favourite place to play?

We had an unreal response at The Priory in Doncaster last Feb. My Passion’s fans were really on board with us and I think we won them all over, which was a great ego boost!

What plans do you have for the near future with Here’s To Tragedy?

Our goals for the end of this year are pretty huge so we are gonna be spending all our time playing as many shows as we can and recruiting everyone that crosses our paths. And of course it’s gonna be a party all the way up, so this summer should be fantastic and I'm looking forward to making lots of new friends.

What are your long-term hopes for Here’s To Tragedy?

With the right management and team behind us I truly think the possibilities are endless. We have written so much material in the past year it could set us up for a life time and the ideas are still flowing so in that department we are set. So long term we just hope to have the means to get Here's to Tragedy to the masses.

Damon Fowler
Comfort in Sound

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