Monday, 31 August 2009

JET - Shaka Rock

JET – Shaka Rock 6/10
[Real Horrorshow Records/Five Seven Music]

JET release their third studio album on the 7th Sept with Nic Cester (Vocals/guitar) calling it the band’s ‘most honest so far’. The band worked as co-producers with Chris “Frenchie” Smith on the album and unfortunately it doesn’t make a good first impression. First track, ‘K.I.A.” cringe worthily features kids providing backing vocals.

However, when you get into the album, tracks ‘She’s a genius’ and ‘Black Hearts (on fire)’ show JET coming into their own. The simpler songs, without much production really stand out, especially ‘She’s A Genius’ and ‘Seventeen’. These show off some awesome guitar solos and catchy melodies that can hook listeners.

Chris Cester (drums/vocals) says. “I can say the band is thrilled by Shaka Rock in every conceivable way. There are moments on this record that are just pure... and moments that just rock harder than we ever have before.”

To put it simply, for fans of pop/rock music then this JET album is definitely worth a listen. It doesn’t do anything new for the genre or for JET either, but they do what they do well and a lot of people will enjoy it.

Damon Fowler

Comfort in Sound

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