Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Simon Rowlands' Top 10 Horror films

The My Passion bassist gives us his top 10 horror films of all time:

1.The Shining
It’s a classic and it still has the power to scare you so much you want to jump behind the sofa, no fancy effects just dark, sinister suggestions that leave you fearing everything!

2. Donnie Darko
This is another film I find so disturbing, but you can’t turn it off! One of the oddest films I've ever watched!

3. The Happening
When I watched this movie I had no idea what to expect, and it was so chilling in a way that you didn’t notice at first, left you feeling a bit numb and scared but you didn’t know why. It’s so brutal in a way that’s so realistic.

4. Saw 1
The first one is just groundbreaking, when I first saw it I was cringing and recoiling almost every scene, Love it!!!

5. Hostel
I remember me and the boys watching this one together in Laurence’s house and all being so freaked out by the whole movie, I love the way it starts off as almost a teen flick and then just flips! Then you’re in this whole world of fucked up people!

6. Wolf Creek
This one is on par with No.5, It’s a totally fucked up film that pushes you that little bit too far.

7. Shaun Of The Dead
I know it’s not a real horror movie but I love it! It’s so funny, I don’t think zombie movies are ever that scary anyway so it’s great to make fun of them!!

8. Bubba Ho-Tep
This one you gotta see to believe! Elvis and JFK versus The undead! It’s so bizarre but I love it.

9. 28 Days Later
I love British films, and when you combine that with the whole country being wiped out and overrun with flesh hungry zombies. It’s always going to be a winner.

10. Rec.
This Spanish film was so good, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare being locked up in a place with the undead chasing you. No escape. I love the way it all starts off as an innocent documentary and soon turns south.

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