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Interview with Danny:Riot, RIOT:NOISE

Riots are a form of civil disorder characterised by disorganized groups lashing out in a sudden and intense rash of violence and noise. The result in music terms = RIOT:NOISE. Forming in early 2008, it was less than 6 months later they were on tour in the US, an impressive feat for five guys from Bristol. What could get better than that? How about a model appearing in one of your videos? Yep RIOT:NOISE have done that too, Sammie Pennington appeared in their video for single ‘Never Wrong’. We talked to drummer Danny:Riot.

So what have RIOT:NOISE been up to recently?
We have been really busy! In August we previewed our EP and Video at a sold out home town gig so at the moment it’s all about drumming up interest in the EP release on November 16th, playing anywhere and everywhere! We have also been asked to support GUN on their November/December UK tour which is fantastic. If there’s one thing we love to do as a band its touring.

Who give you musical inspiration?
Personally, my main inspiration is anything that rocks! From Led Zep to Def Lep! GnR have played a big part in my life, that's not to say I aim to sound anything like them in my drumming style or song writing, but I grew up in the era when GNR were filling stadiums around the world every night – that inspired me to want to play in a band.

How have they influenced your music?

All of the bands/drummers that have influenced me have one thing in common...a strong beat that drives the song from start to finish, something I hope I have brought to our music. To me it isn’t about being the best technically, it’s about being solid and reliable.

What is your favourite album to listen to at the minute?

AFI Decemberunderground. It’s a couple of years old now but the soundtrack to my life at the moment.

What’s the best thing about being a musician?
Creating something from nothing! When we go into the studio and write there's such a buzz when that initial idea finally comes together and a new song comes to life. RIOT:NOISE has also given us all the opportunity to share the stage with some of our musical heroes, and play at some of the best venues in the UK. We also got to tour the US for just under a month! Travelling around America with your best mates and playing gigs every night…… could it be any better?

What’s the worst?
The wages! Is there any other profession in the world where you could get paid 'a couple of drinks' for a three hour drive and providing entertainment for an establishment’s punters? We are fortunate enough to be in a position now where we often get given a set fee, but we know lots of bands that have fallen for pay-to-play scams in all it’s different guises – and that is shit!

How did it come about getting Sammie Pennington to appear in the video for ‘Never Wrong’?
We had some mutual friends and we crossed paths with Sammie and her friends at a few wild nights in London and ended up drinking the night away and generally having a great time. When it came to casting the leading lady Marty remembered that Sammie was a trained actress and we made contact with her and she was well up for starring in the video. Turns out that the video director (Nigel Crane) had worked with Sammie before and so everything was very easy to coordinate.

Did that feel like a rock star moment for you?

It was one of many things that have happened. Throughout the time in this band we have had loads of those 'rockstar moments'. What's it like shooting a video with a top glamour model and a room full of barely clothed sexy ladies? It's better than shooting a video in a room full of men moshing!!! There was free alcohol for all the extras, and by 4pm it was all getting a bit out of hand..... we had a cat fight, some drunken puking and plenty of ladies complaining about being in their heels for 12 hours. Shooting a video isn't easy - but when you finish for the day and then you're sat in a bar with Sammie Pennington and a load of other ladies......... yeah, that was pretty cool.

We have loads of other 'rockstar moments' - our US tour had everything from the band being spanked by a mecian lady with a studded belt, to a random midget in a bar wanting to entertain us with a striptease, to members of the band disappearing with a couple of strippers from Vinnie Paul's club in Dallas and returning with very big smiles.

Is there any stories or subjects you never get asked about?

I rarely ever do any interviews/press on behalf of the band so I could go on for hours! On a serious note if I had to say something it would be that there are so many great bands out there at the moment working there ass off for very little reward (financially), so the next time a band you know is out on the road go see them!!! Buy them a drink, buy some merch, and if possible offer a bed/floor/shower for the night – ‘cause sleeping in a van aint no fun! Oh, and make sure you go and tell the drummer how fuckin great he/she was!

I have so many stories about my band mates that I shouldn’t tell…… let’s just say I have bailed each and every one of them out of the shit on many occasions when they have been drunk and I have been the designated driver. My brother does a lot of roadie work for us and between the two of us we have enough dirt on the rest of them to blackmail a small fortune out of them, or write a very interesting book!

And what can people expect in the future?
We are gonna hit the studio early next year and hopefully start work on the full length album. Then we’ll get back on the road asap and then………

Good evening Madison Square Garden, we are RIOT:NOISE!!!!

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