Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The King Blues at Corportation, Sheffield

Rating: 4/5

The King Blues have nearly sold out every show on their current UK tour, Sheffield is no different. The Londoner’s attract an eclectic array of fans as they mix ska, punk, reggae and numerous other styles together.

Imperial Leisure was the first support up.
Just from looking you could guess what they would sound like, the trumpet players are a bit of a giveaway. That’s right they’re a ska-rock band but don’t judge too soon. The songs were lively and really hit home tonight, maybe the feel good factor that seems to come with every King Blues gig was in the air.

One highlight of Imperial Leisure’s set is when they get an over 18, female member of the audience on stage. She’s encouraged to take her top off with frontman Dennis joining in, stripping down to his underwear. When the girl didn’t return the courtesy he jumped straight into the next song and the havoc of the circle pit.

After that exciting start P.O.S had a lot to live up to. To say the crowd was sceptical of the rapper is an understatement. Through the first song the majority of people seemed uninterested. But, his charm, humour and banter with the audience bring them round. P.O.S’s songs are good but rapping was not on the menu tonight so no one was too sure what to think. Kudos must go to P.O.S though, by the end of his set the whole crowd had changed their opinion from the start and everyone was jumping with their ‘rapper’s hands’ in the air bobbing up and down.

It had been a long time since The King Blues last played in Sheffield and it was good to have them back. Musically every song carries with it a feel good vibe, and through their music The King Blues got across their political message. They have strong opinions like any good punk rock band, and slate the British National Party (BNP) throughout. Their message of togetherness and equality got resounding cheers of support all night long. With the passion they ignite, I doubt theyve ever had a bad show.

New song ‘Headbutt’ got the audience involved, with frontman Itch playfully using the line ‘when she kissed me it felt like a...’ and the audience screamed back ‘Headbutt!’ Mixed in with the popular ‘Let’s Hang the Landlord’, ‘My boulder’ and ‘Save the world, get the girl’ is a cover of Dizzee Rascal’s recent hit ‘Bonkors’. The audience sung along all night, they were clearly a dedicated bunch of King Blues fans.

For an encore Itch gave the option of “an old peom, or a new poem”, it was a clear win for the old and so Itch recited ‘What if punk never happened’. It’s truly awe inspiring to watch. If Itch ever decides for a career away from music then motivational speaking could be the way to go.

Words, Pictures and Video by: Damon Fowler

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